Nov 19, Sunday: Palenque

Palenque painted by Frederick Catherwood who visited here with John Lloyd Stephens during their 1839-40 explorations.

Palenque today

Palenque today

Palenque map

The Barnhart map shows the extent of the ruins at Palenque. Much of the site remains to be excavated.


The first ruin you encounter as you enter the central area of Palenque

Temple of Inscriptions

Named for the hieroglyphics found inside, the Temple of the Inscriptions is Palenque’s most massive pyramid. In 1954, under the floor of the temple building and down a descending stairway of 62 steps, archaeologist Alberto Ruz opened a tomb, later determined to be that of the Mayan King Kā€™inich Janaab Pakal, ruler of Palenque for 68 years.


The Palace structure is one of the most complex in the Maya world and its tower is unique.


A model of what Palace complex is thought to have looked like in its prime.

Palace coutyard, one of many.

A view into one of the Palace courtyards. The tower is visible at the right rear


Our group gathered in one of the several courtyards

Inside a building

Inside the Palace

Courtyard wall

Courtyard wall glyphs

Building interior showing arch construction

Interior wall

Building interior wall. The tropical climate has taken a heavy toll on Mayan art.


Temple of the Cross: steps, steps, and more steps.

Temple of the Foliated Cross

Temple of the Foliated Cross

Resting from the march

Barbara and Paul taking a break from temple climbs.

Lunch at Palenque, Heather assists with the menu.

The Museum at PalenqueThe Museum at Palenque

Jade mask

Jade mask